X-Men: The Official Game

Control X-Men characters to defeat a plot to eradicate mutants


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  • Category Action
  • Program license Trial version
  • Size 457.87 MB
  • Works under: Windows 2000 / Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by X-mengame

A game as bad as the Last Stand move

X Men, the official game is hardly the first X-Men game to come out, but this is an official game that was overseen by the company that made the movie X-Men Last Stand. But, surely they couldn’t make a game as bad as that movie…right?

The Game Is Terrible

Compared to the inferior indie stuff we keep getting forced to look at, this game is a pot of gold, but if you are used to professionally made games, then this game will disappoint you.

Smashy, Smashy

Destroy things and hit people; that is pretty much all the game is about. You run from room to room beating up bad guys and destroying things. There is little more to it than that. The Spider-man games mostly include running around and hitting people, and some of their games were fun to play, so why does this one suck so badly?

Yawn, What Time Is It?

It is a very uninspiring game. The levels are poorly designed and very dingy. They are even lit in a way that suggests the designers just turned on a bathroom light and left it at that. There are around 700 characters in the X-Men universe, and yet you can only play three of them.

Ice Man? Really?

You can play as Wolverine (surprise, surprise), you can play as Nightcrawler, and you can play as Ice man. You read that correctly…one of the most forgettable characters is the star of the show.

Punch, Run, Yawn

With Wolverine, you run around beating people up, but the combat is very primitive and unexciting. Nightcrawler has several moves he can pull, and he can go invisible, but you soon find the most powerful move and keep using that exclusively. Then there is the Ice Man and the ice slide mechanic that is as easy to control as 200 blood crazed ferrets.

You Can Do Better Than This

This is a cheap cash grab game that has terrible cut scenes. They are just pictures with a few moving parts. Even the voice acting is wooden and stiff. There are no online features, and the fighting is too repetitive. Playing the game is a grind as you move from one enemy to another doing the same thing. If you have been spoilt by the Batman or Spider-man games, or even if you have ever played GTA San Andreas, you will be sorely disappointed with this game.


  • It is better than an indie game


  • Pathetic storylines
  • Horrible fight mechanics
  • Repetitive and boring
  • Only three characters to choose from
  • Ice Man? Who made this decision?
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